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How Does Gps Fleet Tracking System Improve Your Business?}

How Does Gps Fleet Tracking System Improve Your Business?


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GPS (global position system) uses signals from satellites in order for tracking and to pinpoint location. This system has been used for quite some time and is very accurate. GPS has various functions, one of these being a GPS fleet tracking system. There are quite a few benefits to using GPS in order to track your vehicles.

GPS tracking system uses software which is accessed from the computer. This allows you to manage the dispatch of delivery drivers and service technicians. GPS fleet tracking system overcomes delays that usually arise when using a map and manual dispatching.

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GPS systems are able to work in majority of places including urban or suburban areas. When GPS is used to dispatch employees and plan routes, it prevents dirvers from passing each other. Hence, this reduces wastage time and fuel consumption.

GPS fleet tracking system provides navigation to drivers. Without a GPS tracking system, there is time and fuel wastage when they get lost. GPS provides accurate directions so the driver can get to the destination in the fastest time.

GPS fleet tracking system can be used to ensure that your staff is doing their jobs. It can track drivers so you know their whereabouts during working hours and acts as a deterrent to those who tend to shirk.

GPS fleet tracking system can supply both real time and historical information. This can be very useful if a customer ever questions the invoices. You will have access to the exact times that your employee was working on the project.

GPS fleet tracking system reduces the risks of vehicle theft and employee fraud. If you are utilizing it in your fleet management, you should be able to negotiate a discount with your vehicle insurance provider.

GPS tracking system can make your business much more productive and profitable. Although expensive, the benefits of using one far exceeds its cost in the long term. You may want to consider installment payment or leasing from certain GPS suppliers.GPS fleet tracking system

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Six Reasons Why You Need To Book Coaches Rather Than Hire Cars}

Six Reasons Why you Need to Book Coaches Rather than Hire Cars


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Six Reasons to Book with Empire Coaches :

If you are planning a trip with your friends or family and are increasingly feeling overwhelmed with the logistics of planning for the trip, especially the transportation Here are a few reasons as to why you may want to go with coaches and charter buses for the trip. Whether you are looking for a luxury minibus hire or an executive minibus hire, organizing a trip, planning every single detail is hard enough without having to worry about the transportation as well. These are some of the reasons why you may want to opt for mini buses and coaches instead of the car.

1. Usability:

Nothing beats the usability of minibuses and coaches; apart from the fact that minibuses and coaches are able to withstand long trips on poor roads than cars is the fact that with mini buses and coaches you can count on getting to your destination on time. And buses and mini coaches rank higher on the usability scale, with pre-customized seats, emergency hatches, and all the comforts of a mobile home. You just cannot get what you can get from a mini bus or coach, out of a car.

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2. Budget:

When it comes to planning a trip overseas or somewhere local with your friends and family, it is always a good idea to charter a bus or a coach, for the simple reason that organizing a fleet of cars for the whole group is out of the question. And of course, buses and coaches can cut down on your travel costs by nearly ninety percent, as to what you may have to shell out, had you chosen cars over buses. Most mini bus companies do offer hefty discounts for repeat customers and even run special promos targeting new customers with which, you should be able to save a packet on your trip.

3. Comfort:

Buses these days come in all sizes and shapes, you can opt for the deluxe model for your trip or even go in for the economy class one. Whichever model you opt for, you should know that the minibus or coach is always a lot more comfortable to travel in, than by a car. Apart from recliner seats, cushioned seats, air conditioning and the usual perks of modern transportation, you can also get wifi, soothing music and even have refreshments served on the bus.

4. Logistics:

Planning a trip for your friends and family is never easy, so it is always a good idea to charter a bus or a mini coach when traveling as a group. Instead of wondering if everyone will get to the meeting point on time, traveling by their own cars you can rest easy in the fact that everyone will be using the same bus for traveling from one point to another. In short, you will not have to worry about any stragglers and can relax for the entire duration of your trip.

5. Durability:

Most of the top bus and coach charter companies have a fleet of top of the line coaches, custom built to last longer on the roads. You can count on the bus getting you to your destination on time and should the bus break down, the company will either send a replacement bus or arrange for alternative transportation.

6. Safety:

Most of the top bus and coach companies hire only professional drivers who are often tested regularly, irrespective of whether they hold a valid license or not. So you can count on a safe trip and enjoy the perks of being chartered around, without any hassle.


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