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4 Common Mistakes People Make While Buying Commercial Outdoor Lounge Furniture}

Submitted by: Caluco Furniture

If you are planning to decorate your outdoor space with a good quality and fashionable Commercial Outdoor Lounge Furniture for your hotel or restaurant, you can’t just afford to make a visit to a local furniture store or browse online furniture websites and buy anything that attracts you towards itself. Unfortunately, a large number of people forget to write down what are their needs and requirements and choose just about anything that they consider attractive only to regret later.

This article is composed with intention of highlighting some of the common mistakes people make while buying a commercial outdoor furniture. Since your money is hard earned and buying a new furniture requires a significant investment, you can learn from these mistakes and be selective in your choosing.

1. Not Measuring Available Outdoor Space

This is where it all begins and this is probably the most commonly made mistake by people looking to buy commercial outdoor furniture. Measuring outdoor space may not matter much if you have a huge amount of outdoor space available at your disposal, but if you buying outdoor furniture for your deck, veranda, patio or balcony, then not measuring the space can turn out to be a big mistake. You may think that few inches here or there do not matter a great deal, but if your furniture is larger than it ideally should be, it can obstruct movement in that place. You would not want your guests or clients to feel uncomfortable during their stay as this can leave an unprofessional impression of your facility on your client. Take accurate measurements of your outdoor space before buying readymade or custom-made outdoor furniture.

2. Paying Attention To Aesthetics, Ignoring Functionality

Most people want their Commercial Outdoor Lounge Furniture to look stunning and gorgeous, but you should remember that it should be functional and comfortable too. It is good that you want a creative outdoor setting but if it can’t make your guests feel comfortable then no use in spending hefty dollars on it. Buying online furniture does not give you an opportunity to feel how comfortable it really is, so you should visit a local furniture store and see to it by yourself how comfortable and functional it actually is.

3. Ignoring The Quality Of Materials

Ignoring the quality of materials can prove costly to you in a long term. You will have to take into account what kind of weather conditions will your outdoor furniture will have to weather and buy it accordingly. Looking at the unpredictable nature of weather, it would be safe to choose an all-weather furniture and upholstery that can stand extreme weather conditions for a long time to come. Also, you should buy furniture with low maintenance costs as expensive maintenance can prove to be a financial burden for your company.

4. Different Styling

Choosing an altogether different styling than indoor seating can prove to be a major eyesore for your visitors. If you have a rustic style interiors and you choose chrome and steel furniture for outdoor seating plan, it will look completely mismatched and out of sync.

Wrapping it up, you can learn from aforementioned mistakes people make when they buy outdoor commercial furniture. Do not make haste and be patient in your selection after considering what type of outdoor furniture would be ideal for your requirements.

About the Author: Caluco has over twenty years of expertise in this creative outdoor furniture industry. By building sustainability into the manufacturing process, utilizing environmental awareness, and taking pride to create elegant yet durable furniture. Website:-


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21st Birthday Gift Ideas 5 Tips For Choosing The Right One

By Everett Maclachlan

A birthday is something to get excited about. It is the one time each year that a person gets to receive extra attention, maybe a celebration, and a gift or two – just for having been born on that day years ago!

If you know someone who is about to turn 21, you have the opportunity to help him or her celebrate one of those true milestone birthdays. Twenty one-year olds are officially adults, with all of the rights and responsibilities that entails. That deserves a celebration!

The “Big” 21

There are few birthdays accompanied by as much excitement, fanfare and anticipation as are 21st birthdays. There is just something very special about officially leaving that awkward stage between being a teenager and being an adult. Twenty one year-olds know deep down that they are embarking on a enviable part of their lives.

You are going to want to help him or her celebrate with just the right birthday gift. But, how do you know what do get them?

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Great Gift Ideas Combine Fun with Purpose

The Golden Rule for buying the right gift is to combine two elements: a sense of fun and a sense of purpose. Now, the definition of “fun” and “purpose” is of course quite elastic, meaning different things to different people. And therein lies the challenge of finding the right 21st birthday gift ideas.

In general, think of fun as something that thrills a person, being enjoyable for its own sake. And, consider purpose to be something that relates to the person’s overall life path – something they can use that is in alignment with who they are and where they are going in life.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas – 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One

If you are stumped on just what type of gift to get the 21 year-old in your life, here are 5 tips that can help:

1. Put yourself in their shoes: Close your eyes for a moment and imagine his or her life. What is their daily life like? What type of gift might make their life even better? So often with gift-giving, it is easy to want to give a person what we personally want. Unless your tastes run parallel to this person in most every way, chances are you would appreciate very different gifts.

2. Think “celebration”: Remember, the 21 year-old you know is in the mood to celebrate. They are wanting to kick it up a notch on their birthday. Your gift should reflect this.

3. For a guy, think “fun” and “career”: These are the two guiding principles for a guy’s gift at this age. Men at this age are definitely into having a blast. But, at the same time, most of them have one eye on their young-but-developing career. Anything you can do to enhance either one in their lives will be much-appreciated.

4. For a gal, think “independence” and “excitement”: Young women these days are more independent that ever. And, at 21, the one you know likes excitement. Set your radar to fun, thrilling and adventure and start shopping!

5. Keep your budget in mind: Another important rule you should follow is to honor your own birthday gift budget. If you get carried away and spend too much, you will regret it later. The best way to feel good about a gift is to find them the right thing while staying within budget.

These 5 tips can help you choose the right birthday gift.

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Email Spam Filters: 5 Big Triggers

Submitted by: Karrie Beth

One of the biggest worries for any online marketer is to have one s time and effort go down the drain when spam filters classify the marketing material sent as spam. Trying to beat a filter is not an easy task because these filters use complicated mathematics to try and learn for themselves what is spam and what is not. The two methods that spam filtering software use are the Bayesian method and the Markovian method. Both of these have their roots in a mathematical function called probability and statistics. Software that is based on these two methods learns by identifying patterns in mails that are marked as spam by users. Though a lot of information is preloaded and hardcoded into their library of dubious tags, the software analyses each mail that is tagged as spam by a user for keywords and the number of times that a keyword turns up. This is how the Bayesian method works. The Markovian method, on the other hand, works by analyzing entire phrases and is much more efficient at catching spam mail.

Beating the spam filter requires first that you get the users trust and this can be done by simply asking the user to opt-in by a confirmation mail. While this is the first pre-requisite, the rest is up to a copywriter s skill and writing style. Some of the triggers that spam filters pick up on are the repeated use of a word. Therefore, if you are selling something, you will ruin your chances by highlighting that aspect in your mails. Keep it subtle and just mention your product once or twice at the most. The next step is to avoid making phrases that might sound dubious or a long-drawn out way of saying the same thing. This might take some practice to perfect. You can do this by creating a mail account and then testing the content in your mail by sending it to that mail account. If it goes to the spam folder then you need to tweak that content a bit more until you get it right.

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There is a lot that has to be said about some material just being spam by nature of the product. Adult material just cannot avoid a spam filter unless unchecked personally by the user. The first thing that you need to do if you are dealing in adult material is not to include images and to keep your text free of all kinds of suggestive words and phrases.

Spam filters also recognize mail addresses that could be dubious. Do not try and mask your message with aliases that sound like regular names and do not use subject lines like, you owe me money.

Keep the text in your emails at a minimum and try as much as you can to redirect the user back to your website instead. In today s internet world, more business occurs over seeing interesting slugs on websites rather than in emails that are deemed to be spam.

About the Author: Karrie Beth is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email ( ), a leading Web and permission-based

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