How To Buy Bespoke Bedrooms Furniture

How to buy bespoke bedrooms Furniture


Nav K Singh

Anyone would naturally look asylum to bed after a hectic and tiring day at work. Each person wants to sleep on relaxing and comfortable beds. But they also take into attention the design and style of their beds. The entanglement of contemporary and traditional antique beds caused lots of people to switch to designer furniture. Elegance and simplicity is the driving power of modern bespoke bedrooms. Modern chairs release any stress to the body by building chairs which are hand crafted to idol. The tables don t devour too much space that allows home owners to add lots of modern furniture to the house. On the other hand, Modern beds are particularly engineered to bring extreme soothe while maintaining the scenic and modern image of your bedroom. Bespoke bedrooms furniture is very essential and as such there re certain aspects which you ll need to focus before you go out shopping. These aspects will range from your bedroom s size to the money s amount you re willing to pass on the furniture. You ll also necessary to take into thoughtfulness your personal design, style and quality of furniture you required. You may also focus on getting second hand custom furniture as this is a perfect way to get quality items at an affordable price.

You ll need to focus the size of your rest room and determine the furniture s size which can comfortably suite into your bedroom. You need to focus that after you ve placed custom furniture into your house, you ll still necessary enough space to move around. You need

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designer furniture

that is made especially for your room type, taste and size. You may focus going for a smaller bed ought to you think that a very small size bed will eliminate you enough space in your rest room. Designer furniture, like any other bespoke bedrooms furniture in the house ought to be determined by what is necessary and functional. You may wish to go with what is required rather than what is desired. It all depends on pocket money you re willing and capable to spend on the designer furniture. Keep in mind to deal your own research to ascertain the perfect price for a specific piece of custom furniture. You ought to compare the rates available before concentrating on one but be heedful not to compromise the quality of furniture.

Should you select to go for the bespoke bedrooms, then you ought to ensure that the choice of designer furniture performs well enough for you. Keep in mind to check whether the option of bespoke bedrooms furniture fits your interior decoration and style. You also required to determine whether the bespoke bedrooms furniture placed in rest rooms for kids are the appropriate ones for them. If you re one of those people which are not very specific about matching custom furniture in the rest room then you may focus getting a few parts from the market or from 2nd hand designer furniture shops. is very well known and trusted name for the

fitted bedrooms


custom wardrobes

furniture in London.

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British TV presenter Rico Daniels tells Wikinews about being ‘The Salvager’

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rico Daniels is a British TV presenter living in France who is known for his two television series — The Salvager — whilst he still lived in the UK and then Le Salvager after he moved to France. Rico has been in a variety of jobs but his passion is now his profession – he turns unwanted ‘junk’ into unusual pieces of furniture. Rico’s creations and the methods used to fabricate them are the subject of the Salvager shows.

Rico spoke to Wikinews in January about his inspiration and early life, future plans, other hobbies and more. Read on for the full exclusive interview, published for the first time:

Anthony Scaramucci leaves role as US White House communications director after ten days

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

United States president Donald Trump dismissed Anthony Scaramucci from his role as White House communications director yesterday. Scaramucci had only held the position for ten days but had already received criticism after a profanity-laced phone call to a reporter from The New Yorker. President Trump forced Scaramucci’s resignation after his new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, made the decision, The New York Times reported. General Kelly replaced Reince Priebus who resigned on Friday.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, released a statement after Scaramucci’s dismissal. She said, “Anthony Scaramucci will be leaving his role as White House Communications Director. Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give chief of staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. We wish him all the best.”

Scaramucci was criticised after an on-the-record phone call with New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza. Scaramucci contacted Lizza after it was reported he was at dinner with Fox News host Sean Hannity and Bill Shine, a former executive also for Fox News. In the phone call, he demanded Lizza reveal who leaked the details of the dinner and suspected Reince Priebus was responsible. He said, “Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac”. He went on to mimic Priebus by saying, “Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock block these people the way I cock blocked Scaramucci for six months.” In the same phone call he also criticised White House strategist Steve Bannon. He was quoted as saying, “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock”.

Huckabee Sanders commented on the phone call in her statement saying, “The President certainly felt that Anthony’s comments were inappropriate for someone in that position and he didn’t want to burden Gen. Kelly also with that line of succession”.

It has been confirmed Scaramucci was not reassigned within the administration. In his resignation Scaramucci reportedly requested to be redeployed to the US’s Export-Import Bank as chief strategy officer. He was previously vice president and chief strategy officer at the Export-Import Bank.

Scaramucci was the third communications director of Trump’s presidency. Michael Dubke resigned from the position in May while former Press Secretary Sean Spicer assumed some of the role.

Before joining the White House, Scaramucci was a Wall Street financier and founded SkyBridge Capital, an investment firm. Though not always a supporter of President Trump, he later advised him during last year’s US presidential campaign. In 2012, he was the national finance co-chair for the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. Before aligning himself with Trump, he fundraised for the GOP primary campaigns of both Scott Walker and Jeb Bush.

Iraqi, American forces raid insurgent training camp, killing 85

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Iraqi and American forces raided a training camp in a remote, rural region 160 kilometers north of Baghdad on Wednesday, killing 85 insurgents. Seven Iraqi commandos were killed in the raid and six were injured, according to the US military.

In addition to placing the insurgent death toll at 85, the Iraqi government also said that between 500 and 700 Iraqi commandos took part in the raid.

After encountering heavy fire from an estimated 100 insurgents as they approached the camp, the Iraqi commandos called in support from the American 42nd Infantry Division, which sent in ground troops and attack helicopters. The battle began at approximately 11a.m. local time (0800 UTC) and lasted seven hours.

The training camp, located in a remote region near Lake Tharthar, which is adjacent to the predominantly Sunni Anbar and Salahuddin provinces, is the largest guerilla training camp that has been discovered in the war so far, according to Iraqi officials.

The insurgents had planned to attack the city of Samarra, located 55 kilometers east of the lake, with a large number of car bombs, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

Iraqi officials claimed that most of the insurgents came from Arab countries, though men from the Philippines were also among the deceased insurgents. They also claimed to have captured one Algerian.

“The Arab countries are sending fighters into Iraq because they want to destroy our democratic movement,” said General Rashid Flaiyeh, head of Iraqi police in Salahuddin Province, in an interview broadcast on state-run television network Al Iraqiya.

Weakening Dean makes landfall on Mexican coast

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

After gaining strength in the western Caribbean last night, Hurricane Dean made landfall as a Category 5 storm on Mexico’s Yucatán coast at about 4:30 a.m. this morning (EDT).

The storm struck just north of Chetumal, the capital of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. However, hurricane-force winds were felt over 60 miles (~100 km) away from the center of the storm, and tropical storm conditions impacted areas 175 miles (280 km) away.

The Mexican government ordered the deployment of over 4,000 troops, and declared a state of emergency in the state of Campeche. Some areas braced for up to 20 inches (510 mm) of rain.

Dean made landfall as a category 5 storm, before being downgraded hours later to a category 3 storm. Later Tuesday afternoon, Dean was downgraded to a category 2 storm. Currently, the storm maintains category 1 status, with top sustained winds at 85 mph (137 km/h).

The hurricane moved towards modern oil installations of the Yucatan Peninsula, prompting evacuations of offshore oil rigs that produce most of Mexico’s oil and gas.

Forecasters warn the storm could pick up strength as it crosses the Bay of Campeche and turn into an even more destructive hurricane before making a second landfall on Wednesday.

A hurricane warning remains in effect along the Gulf Coast of Mexico from south of Progreso to Tampico.

Forecasters do not believe it presents a threat to the United States.

Dean is being blamed for 13 deaths already.

Puma Hunting Knife Review; Putting The Cutting Edge Under The Scope

Puma Hunting Knife Review; Putting the cutting edge under the scope


Ben Anton

When it comes to hunting knives, Puma is considered by most experts to be the elite, the cream of the crop, the absolute cutting edge in design, utility and pure class. Well-designed of the best quality materials, PUMA knives dont come cheap but theyre quality all the way. Each blade is hand-ground, and each knife is assembled by hand. The materials and workmanship have made PUMA knives more than the best quality knife to have in the field theyre collectors items in their own right.

In 1953, the company changed its direction slightly to focus on manufacturing functional hunting, fishing, survival, sporting and outdoor knives. In 1956, PUMA designed what is probably its most famous knife ever, the PUMA White Hunter, for an East African hunting organization. For over 200 years, Solingen, Germany has been the source of the finest knives made anywhere in the world, and since 1920, the best of those knives have borne the name PUMA.


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PUMA knives are made from premium DI.4 steel, each individually drop forged and hardened to hold the keenest possible edge. Each model has a number and a name engraved on the blade, along with the year of its manufacture a bonus for collectors, who find it easy to date PUMA knives when assigning values. The handles are made of all natural materials, usually stag horn or bone, and every detail is made of the finest material available.

PUMA Knives for Hunting and Sporting

The most popular PUMAs are those that have stood the test of time. Among the most well-known and prized are:

PUMA Bowie Knife

Bowie is the ultimate name in hunting knives, with its wide fixed blade that makes it ideal for hunting, fishing, camping and self-defense. The PUMA Bowie is a full 11 long with a single-edged blade, a genuine stag handle, and a fully riveted tang. This is the knife that Jim Bowie dreamed of when he first commissioned the knife that bears his name.

PUMA Skinner Knife

Skinning knives are a must for hunters, and the PUMA is designed with a blade long enough to give you the option of using a straight, curved or pointed edge to simplify the tasks you need it to perform. It also has a 5 stag handle thats carved to fit your hand comfortably, and a finger guard to keep your fingers out of harms way when dealing with a wet, slippery knife.

PUMA White Hunter

Perhaps the most famous hunting knife ever designed, the White Hunter features a partially serrated blade that is shaped to make all the tasks you use a knife for easier. Its 11 long overall with a full, fully riveted tang, a built-in finger guard and a genuine stag horn handle. It was first released in 1956, and has grown more popular over the decades. The 50th Anniversary model is destined to be the ultimate gift for a collector of fine knives. Its a truly luxurious blade forged of Damascus stainless steel Rockwell tested to 55-60 hardness. The handle is of ebony with nickel silver bolsters, and the included black leather sheath is accented with nickel silver. To further increase its interest to collectors, PUMA is only manufacturing 50 of the 50th Anniversary edition worldwide. Its the gift of a lifetime for a serious knife collector.

-2006 Ben Anton

Ben Anton writes for DLK. Ben invites you to read more about the puma hunting knife

and other quality camping gear at

DLK Led Lights and Knives


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Puma Hunting Knife Review; Putting the cutting edge under the scope

Team Building: Leadership Strategies To Address Todays Most Common Team Building Problems}

Submitted by: Gayle Lantz

Despite best team building efforts, many organizations are still operating on low power when it comes to producing desired results. Theyve invested time and dollars in events that supposedly help team members bond and function coherently, yet results are short term at best.

So whats the problem? Every situation is unique, but here are a few possibilities:

Some or all members dont want to function as a team. Theyve become accustomed to operating independently and dont see the value of operating as a whole.

Team building isnt linked to business results. Instead the team experienced artificial feel good exercises. Although the team has learned about each others behavioral styles, motivational profiles, individual strengths, etc., they have failed to connect their efforts to desired business outcomes.

Theres no follow-up beyond a one-time event. A successful team building process should be approached strategically, not as a one-time event hoping for the best. It should result in actionable ideas to help the team and organization achieve their goals. Continued learning, action and reinforcement are critical.

Of all of the potential issues that can negatively affect teambuilding, here are some of the most common impediments to team success in my experience and ways to overcome them.

Team Building Impediment #1: Fuzzy focus.

In this situation, the team doesnt really know how to function. Either the team has lost focus on results or members have never been clear of their goals in the first place. Instead, theyve become too internally fixated on other team members — judging what theyre doing, making assumptions, speculating, back stabbing, finger pointing, etc. Without a clear focus, team members frequently react to events in their immediate environment. They become distracted by other team members or simply respond to whatever issue lands in their lap. Theres no strategic team focus or energy to move forward.

Suggestion: As the leader, you must step in and clarify big picture goals and expectations. In order to do complete this task effectively, you must communicate the goals in a number ways that appeal to a variety of team members. Some may need a visual representation (e.g., a roadmap); others may need to know the why behind the goals to buy in. Check for clarity. Ask the team to articulate their understanding of the overall goals in their own words. Then clarify or correct as needed.

Team Building Impediment #2: Lack of leadership.

Leadership is critical to help the team succeed. Without it, team members will resort to their own methods. Some will run as far and fast as they can to prove themselves, pushing boundaries and taking on too much risk. Others will sit idle for as long as they can, performing as little as possible, yet complaining about how much work needs to get done. Some leaders are too busy concentrating on their own political or career agenda. Other leaders just dont understand their role or possess good leadership skills.

Suggestion: Conduct regular strategic focus sessions. Strong leaders will help the team focus on the goal (the what) and key strategies (the how). Hold consistent informal one-on-one development meetings with direct reports to gain feedback, uncover trouble spots and leverage opportunities. If you need to build leadership skills yourself, make that a priority. If you value your career, find a coach or mentor to help you. Remember, in order to develop others you must first develop yourself.

Team Building Impediment #3: Stuck in sameness.

The team is stuck in practices that may have been established years ago. Theyve gotten lazy or stopped trying new approaches. New team members may be frustrated by the apparent lack of openness to new ideas or ways of operating. Experienced team members defend the way things have always been done.

Suggestion: Identify one aspect of the team that you would be excited to see change come about. Talk with your team to make sure everyone agrees it would be worth it to affect change in that area. Determine what the best possible outcome could be if the team made the change, adopted a new procedure, tried a new approach or do whatever it is youre suggesting. Then call for ideas from the team on how to make it happen. Generating excitement about new possibilities makes it easier for the team to get unstuck.

The most effective teams can maintain best practices while adapting to new environments or organizational changes. They are not content with sameness or status quo. Their best practices include constantly seeking new and better ways to perform their job. They are not content with going through the motions or frivolous exercises that may help increase awareness, but stop there.

Final Thoughts:

It doesnt matter if Bob is a blue, green or yellow if he cant connect his self-awareness to results. The same applies at the team level. Team members may find it interesting to learn more about team members, but be sure to help translate learning into results.

Great team leaders spend time clarifying goals, cultivating their own leadership skills and identifying new ways to achieve great results. Not to be confused with micromanaging, an effective leader will check in from time to time to make sure the organizations goals and strategies remain clear. At the same time, they help build capability of individual team members versus taking on the work of the team themselves.

Simply opening productive and constructive communication to a greater degree will help leaders increase their effectiveness and their teams function most effectively. Leaders often feel unnecessary pressure to tell everyone on the team what to do. Focus on influencing versus doing.

Team building is a means to an end, not an end in itself. What do you want your team to achieve?

About the Author: As an organizational development consultant, executive coach, and Founder of WorkMatters, Gayle Lantz, can help your team achieve substantial results. Clients include organizations such as NASA, Southern Company and Compass Bank. For additional information and tips that are designed to help you make the most of your work, and not clutter your inbox with unnecessary information, subscribe to WorkMatters at


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Third union separates from AFL-CIO

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union broke away from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), making it the third union to split from the AFL-CIO this week over disagreements about how to revive labor’s diminishing influence.

The departure of the UFCW, along with two other unions, theTeamsters, and Service Employees International unions from the AFL-CIO means it is losing more than 4 million of its 13 million members.

Union membership in the U.S. has been declining for many years, and the breakaway unions want to commit more money to recruiting members. They complain that the AFL-CIO has spent too much money on backing political candidates, particularly Democrats, instead of organizing labor.

UFCW President Joe Hansen wrote to AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney saying: “Tradition and past success are not sufficient to meet the new challenges.”

AFL-CIO spokeswoman Lane Windham responded, saying “The UFCW leadership decision to leave the AFL-CIO, especially when working people are up against the most powerful, anti-worker corporate and governmental forces in 80 years, is a tragedy for working families. Only unions’ enemies win when unions split our strength.”

“The unions that split from the AFL-CIO now face the challenge of having to work together to maximize the power of labor,” predicted Harley Shaiken, a professor of labor issues at UC Berkley.

Their clearest difference is in how they want a national labor organization to operate, Shaiken said. The breakaway unions favor a more authoritative federation that can compel member unions to act on its directives.

The departure is part of the biggest rift in organized labor since 1938, when the CIO split from the AFL.

When the groups merged to form the AFL-CIO in the 1950s, one of every three private-sector workers belonged to a labor union. Today, fewer than 8 percent of private-sector workers are unionized.

Dr. Joseph Merlino on sexuality, insanity, Freud, fetishes and apathy

Friday, October 5, 2007

You may not know Joseph Merlino, but he knows about you and what makes you function. He knows what turns you on and he knows whether it is a problem for you. Merlino, who is the psychiatry adviser to the New York Daily News, is one of the more accomplished psychiatrists in his field and he is the Senior Editor of the forthcoming book, Freud at 150: 21st Century Essays on a Man of Genius. The battle over interpreting Freud’s legacy still rages, a testament to the father of psychoanalysis and his continuing impact today.

On the eve of the book’s publication, Wikinews reporter David Shankbone went to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to discuss the past and future of Freud and psychoanalysis with Dr. Merlino, one of the preeminent modern psychoanalysts. Shankbone took the opportunity to ask about what insanity is, discuss aberrant urges, reflect upon sadomasochism (“I’m not considered an expert in that field,” laughed Dr. Merlino), and the hegemony of heterosexuality.

Dr. Merlino posits that absent structural, biochemical or physiological defects, insanity and pathology are relative and in flux with the changing culture of which you are a part. So it is possible to be sane and insane all in one day if, for instance, you are gay and fly from the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia.


  • 1 What is normal and what is insane?
  • 2 Homosexuality and psychiatry
  • 3 Sigmund Freud
  • 4 Gender identity and Heteronormativity
  • 5 Sadomasochism
  • 6 Paraphilias, urges and fetishes
  • 7 Cultural psychology in the United States today
  • 8 *About Joseph Merlino
  • 9 Sources

Canada’s Don Valley West (Ward 25) city council candidates speak

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Don Valley West (Ward 25). Three candidates responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include John Blair, Robertson Boyle, Tony Dickins, Cliff Jenkins (incumbent), and Peter Kapsalis.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.